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At Strata Wealth and Risk Management, Inc., we understand that in order to achieve and maintain healthy finances, it’s important to look at the whole picture. We take a broad and integrated approach when it comes to managing your finances, linking elements like cash flow planning and tax preparation with insurance and estate planning. 

Explore our full financial solutions:

Pre-Retirement Strata Wealth

Retirement Planning

Our team is on hand to create custom financial strategies that reflect your priorities and retirement goals.

Strata Wealth Cash Flow Planning Header

Cash Flow
Planning →

Cash flow planning is where we start with most of our clients and is the first step to building a sound financial plan

strata wealth financial solutions investing

Investing →

We work with you to understand your financial ambitions, why you want to invest, and what impact you want your investments to have.

Retirement Planning Strata Wealth

Estate Planning →

Estate planning ensures that the wealth that you’ve built in your lifetime is preserved and passed on to your loved ones.

strata wealth financial solutions life insurance


We specialize in a number of insurance products, including life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance.

Tax Saving Services

Our advisors and in-house accounting firm are knowledgeable in how taxes impact your finances.

strata wealth financial solutions living benefits

Living Benefits

The most common insurance policies with living benefits are critical illness insurance and disability insurance.

businesses strata wellness


Workplace benefits are vital to boosting satisfaction and retention levels amongst employees.

Strata Wealth Succession Planning


For entrepreneurs, succession planning is an integral part of securing the future of your business.

strata wealth financial solutions living mortgages


As part of our complete financial services, our mortgage services are offered in-house by Strata Mortgages.


We offer in-house bookkeeping services through Strata Accounting, an independently owned and operated business.

Tax Preparation →

As part of our complete financial services, we offer in-house accounting through Strata Accounting.

Tyler Strategy Session Strata Wealth

Strategy Session with Tyler →

These one-on-one sessions enable you to discuss anything and everything related to business with Tyler.


Strata Wealth is one of a few of Canadian financial service providers that is authorized to transfer UK pension plans to a Canadian QROPS account